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Our full range of services
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Immigration and legal assistance

Housing and property management

Schooling and partner employment

Language and cultural training

Entertainment and tourism

All of our services can be bundled in package that suits exclusively your needs.
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My home is my castle... but where is my key Looking for a house in a foreign country can be frustrating. You're unsure of the market trends
and feel a stranger to all the local rules, taxes
and technicalities.

This is why RSB has developed exclusive partnerships with the leading real estate brokers
in Bulgaria, who are well aware of the local market and have sufficient customer service skills to match our clients needs..

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Bulgaria - a real estate hot spot

Despite its tiny territory Bulgaria is endowed with incredible abundance of alternating wide lowlands with plains, hilly lands, high
mountains and a beautiful sea.

All these natural resources favor the investment process in the Bulgarian
real estate market, especially in terms of foreign investment initiatives.

The low prices of Bulgarian property and low running costs, are another great incentive to making the ideal investment in a villa or second home,
a house, or another type of property.

Don't miss out this fantastic business opportunity - contact us to find out what are the best investment options on the Bulgarian real estate market.

Feel at home at a drop of a hat!

There is more to housing than just finding a suitable place. Here is just a peak of what we can offer

House hunting (renting/buying)
Get help in finding the right place at the right price

Interior decoration assistance
To turn the bare place into a cozy home

Furniture/ Appliances purchase
Wondering what is the best place to get that sofa you always wanted ?

House sitting- Need someone to water the plants and walk the dog while you enjoy your vacation ?

English speaking handymen
Because getting small repairs done by someone you can trust is a problem even when there is no language barrier

Utility payment, laundry and ironing
Get help with the chores, and free more time for enjoying your family