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Our full range of services
Click on any of the links below for a detailed description of how we can help you or your employees relocate to Bulgaria quicker and easier. Want to know more - contact us.

Immigration and legal assistance

Housing and property management

Schooling and partner employment

Language and cultural training

Entertainment and tourism

All of our services can be bundled in package that suits exclusively your needs.
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Learning the А Б В
Language is the single most important obstacle you have to overcome when moving to a new country.

To make your relocation easier, we offer tutoring in Bulgarian on a personal or group basis covering varying levels and areas of expertise (speak only, basic grammar, full course ).
Read more below and contact us for further details on your desired package.

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Cultural training - more than
just talk

Knowing the language isn't everything, when it comes to fitting in. Even if you understand the words, people's actions will not make any sense if you don't know anything about their history, customs and traditions.
You're an executive in an international company who doesn't understand why his bulgarian colleagues act the way they do ?
You've purchased property in Bulgaria and want to understand and make friends with your neighbors ?
Whatever your situation, RSB can help you improve and settle in quicker and with less problems than on your own.

Language training at a glance :

It is simple - we can train you how to communicate effectively in a language that is foreign to you.

Group or private - Depending on your style of learning you might want to join a group or be tutored at your own pace.

Speaking only or full grammar Depending on your needs we can tailor our classes and choose the best tutor for the purpose

Location that suits your needs
Some prefer to take lessons in the privacy of their home, while others feel more motivated in a studying environment.

Be taught in a variety of languages
We can offer mother tongue tuition in Bulgarian to most EU nationals - contact us for details