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Who are we
The philosophy behind Relocation Services Bulgaria is simple - making the relocation process a seamless and effortless experience for you or your employees.
To accomplish this we rely on a team of experts each in their own field...

Construction of a new border spacerspacercheckpoint - the construction of the spacernew border checkpoint at Kalotina to spacerstart next year...
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RSB was represented at Тук-Там Networking event spacer
Bulgarian immigrants who have spacerspacerreturned to Bulgaria have their own spacerorganization spacerRead more

Bulgaria a founding member spacer spacerof ‘Union for the Mediterranean’ spacerPresident Georgi Purvanov represented spacerBulgaria at the founding meeting... spacerRead more
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In a world where both distances and differences are ever diminishing
fitting in quickly to your new surroundings makes all the difference between stress and success.
Relocation Services Bulgaria provides tailor made solutions both to individual and corporate clients outsourcing to Bulgaria. From language lessons and spouse employment to legal services - we aim to take away all the hassle of that big step in your life, so that you can enjoy your stay in Bulgaria properly.
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Felt at home
in no time

Being the billing manager of a large web hosting company and I was transferred to Bulgaria in 2005 and quickly
understood ....
The best service
I had in Bulgaria

Accompanying my boyfriend during his work in Bulgaria, I wasn't aware of all the administrative troubles associated with our relocation...

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Take a look at our diverse portfolio of services for expatriates relocating to Bulgaria, including:

   Bulgarian language lessons

   Home search assistance

   Schooling and spouse employment

   Cleaning and property management

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